Celloger Mini Plus
Fluorescence live cell imaging

Celloger Mini Plus is equipped with the exceptional live cell imaging technology and user-friendly software that enables various types of research and application. This system with advanced fluorescence and bright field microscopy, autofocusing and real time multi-position imaging, intuitive and optimized software provides you all the tools you need to acquire best quality and accurate research results. Celloger Mini Plus is designed to be rigid and robust to withstand the temperature and humidity suitable for the growth of cells that makes it compatible with CO2 incubators.


  • One color fluorescence (Green or Red) and bright field imaging technology
  • Fully motorized multi-position imaging up to 96 well plate
  • Multiple focal planes can be captured through Z-stack imaging
  • Compact & compatible in CO2 incubator
  • Compatible with various cell and tissue culture vessel types
  • Image stitching possible to enable analysis of larger volume and section



  • Transfection efficiency assessment
  • Cytotoxicity assay
  • Coculture monitoring
  • Multipoint cell monitoring
  • Cell confluency measuring
  • Cell growth curve monitoring
  • Cell migration
  • Cell morphology
  • Cell proliferation and differentiation
  • Wound healing assay


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